Sunday, July 26, 2009

Summer Project #14 Cozy Kitten

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This pattern attracted me because I like the Japanese cartoon character look to it. I think having 5 Japanese students in my class this past year...had an influence on me.

The pattern itself...was strange. Anyway, if you make one you'll see why. I think it's supposed to be beginnerish. But it's cute. I should have used a better flannel than this one. It just isn't very sturdy for this particular project. For the price I thought it would be better quality. It tore in a few places when I was stuffing it, so I had to repair it with a needle and thread. I made one for my daughter for her birthday next month (she's going to be one spoiled princess this year) and one for her little friend who has a birthday around the same time.


  1. Very cute. I did not realize there were so many free patterns online. I need to search more. Anyhow, I think it turned out way cute.