Monday, July 13, 2009

Summer Project #12 Pink Penguin Pen Case

It's cute. I know. And I love it.

But don't be decieved by this seemingly easy project. I think I spent more time with my seam ripper than I did actually sewing anything. I do love it. I do. I'm just trying to forget about what it took to get it to this. The tutorial is fine. I just need more practice with zippers and bias tape and I probably should have read through the whole tutorial before I began (big oops). It's not a normal sewing pattern where you just sew it together and turn it inside out. It was truly unlike anything I have ever done. I still love it. I'll probably make another one.
Thanks to Jodi for the wool. It is really cute on this. I love having friends with great fabric stashes. What's next on my summer sewing list?? I think the old list is buried somewhere.


  1. That looks really cute! Hope you get the hang of it really soon!

  2. Just too cute that is all I can say. I Love it.

  3. It turned out great!! Maybe this one is the most complicated project I have so far, but you did a great job! Makes me want to make one!!