Saturday, July 25, 2009

Ladybugs, Purple and Worms- Summer Project #13

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My almost 3 year old's favorite things right now are ladybugs, purple and worms. So I wanted to make her something that incorporated her very favorite things :)

An I Spy Bag! Perfect. This one was my first one, so please don't look at my sloppy stitching. I was in a time crunch. How is it that as the twins get older, I find I have less time... I'm trying to figure that out. Anyway, these I Spy Bags are so easy to put together. There are lots of tutorials on line. I sort of used this one.
These are the things I included in J's.
Blue button
Clothes pin
Easter egg
Orange button
Pink butterfly
Pink flower
Purple flower
Purple ladybug (Can you believe I found one??)
Red ladybug
Safety pin
Soccer ball
Yellow button
Yellow flower
I also included the letters of her name.

I mostly used buttons and some things that I already had. It's an investment when you start buying things for the I Spy Bag because you have to buy in bulk. They don't sell just one little baseball at JoAnns. So, I decided to make a few more.

I added most of the things I put in J's to these ones as well. I'll just wait until I have a recipient and then add the letters to his or her name and a few other trinkets, the poly pellets (I love saying that) and then close it up. Make sure you use JoAnns coupons when buying the poly pellets. They cost 6.99 at regular price and you need half the bag for one I Spy Bag. I used those 40% off coupons that you get in the mail.

You also need to include a label of the things inside. You can print it on fabric printer paper and sew it on the back, but I only have a laser printer and all the fabric paper I saw at JoAnns use an inkjet. So what I'm going to do is print out the list of items, laminate it, and then attach to my label that I sewed on the bag with a binder ring.

They really are easy to put together. It may just take awhile to collect some things and the best way to keep costs down is ask your crafty friends for trinkets and trade with them, make a bunch at a time (they make great gifts for 2-5 year olds...and older kids and adults like to play with them to). Use coupons!!

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  1. Janna, that is SO creative!!!! I love them!!! You have such talent!!!

    I also wanted to let you know that you won my giveaway for the Ouchies Bandages!!!! I couldn't get your e-mail addy for some reason so I'm sorry to leave it in a comment! E-mail when you can and let me know you're mailing info so I can have the sponsor of the contest send you the Ouchies!