Saturday, July 11, 2009

Summer Project #10 Eco-Friendly Wet Bag

What is this you ask??
It's a wet bag? What's a wet bag? Well, moms that cloth diaper use them. Eco-friendly moms use them. They are a great thing to keep on hand to throw anything wet into. When you are done with them, you just throw them in the wash and you're done. I made this one to keep Jillian's swimming suit in. That way it won't get everything in the diaper bag wet. It's about 11x13 inches.
I made it with a zipper:

The liner is PUL. A waterproof fabric used to make diapers. You don't have to use PUL, you could use an old shower liner. But this is what I have on hand and it's such a pretty color.
Let's look at that zipper one more time:

This project wasn't exactly on my list of things I wanted to make this summer, BUT I have a zillion zippers and using them and being more comfortable with installing zippers on pretty much anything is on my list of things to do. Sew....there you have it.
I found the tutorial here.
This is a fabulous site! One of my favorites. So many great tutorials, ideas and giveaways.
I really need to cracking on my real summer sewing list. So much to sew, so little time.

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  1. Great idea. Can you buy PUL at a regular fabric store like Joann?

    Aah! I just noticed that you're an ESL teacher--me, too!