Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Birthday Gift for my Mom

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I revisited the Pink Penguin tutorial for a fabric basket.

This time I enlarged it 150%. Ayumi does have dimensions for enlarging the basket, but one of the measurements was wrong. The large piece of linen needs to be 9 x 15 1/4 not 9 x 14 1/4 as stated here. I think I will email her about that.

A couple things about this...

1. I love the Michael Miller thread fabric.

2. These aren't fabrics I would normally choose...but I had bought the purple one to make a birthday skirt for my daughter (which I still need to do) and the navy polka dot fabric was a remnant at JoAnns as was the linen. I think it came together really well. I wish I was better at co-ordinating fabrics like my friend, Melissa. She makes the cutest kitchen towels and is really creative.

3. I made this for my mother...who is a wonderful seamstress and quilter. It's hard sewing for someone who you know will look at every single stitch to see if it is crooked or not. When I sew items for my shop I am extremely meticulous and take a lot of time to make sure my stitching is just so and everything is done neatly...sewing for my mother almost threw me in the looney bin. But in all reality, I know she'll be thrilled no matter what. :)

Have a great week everyone and happy sewing!


  1. Your fabric basket is awesome! I am so sure your mom will love it! Thanks by the way for noticing my mistake. I was thinking about making an enlarged fabric basket to make sure the new dimensions were right, so I really appreciate that you made this and found the mistake! Thanks! I'll correct it right away ;)

  2. That's lovely! I'm sure your mum will love it!

  3. That's beautiful!! I'm sure your mom will love it, especially because she'll know it was made with love!