Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Weekend Sewing

First of all, if you knew what has been going on in my life the past 8 months, you would forgive me for the lack of posts. Honestly, you would.

For Christmas my husband bought this book for me.

See that pretty skirt on the front?? I made one. I believe it's called the "yard-sale skirt". I loved it. So I started making one for my fabulous friend, Jodi. It was her birthday. She just had a baby 6 weeks ago and when she sent me this picture she wrote, "pardon the 40 extra pounds in the picture". I'm telling you...not everyone can pull off wearing a wrap skirt 6 weeks postpartum, this girl, can! It looks so good on her.
Let me address sewing this beauty. It wasn't easy. It was frustrating. I had bought this fabric (Lacework in brown) on a great sale several months ago in this etsy shop. I was going to make spring outfits for my girls with it, but I know how much Jodi loves this fabric.

The instructions pretty much stink. Except for the french seams part. I did like learning how to do french seams. I had never done them before. However, I started out making the small size and when it was all done it barely wrapped around my size 6/8 frame so I decided to add two more panels. Which meant I was in a time crunch and did not do french seams for the extra two panels. The waist band and ties were not that easy either. Again, bad instructions. But I will say that if you do make one, make sure you make the waistband longer and the ties longer, too. The errata for the book, says to increase the straps 8 inches for every panel you add. But I would expand the waistband to go around the entire skirt and then measure how long you want the ties.

Don't worry, more posts to come. I have been sewing over the past 8 months. Mostly for my etsy shop, but I do plan to blog the other cool stuff I've made, too. I'm moving 678 miles from Houston in a few days, and I'm soon to be a full-time stay-at-home mom. What do they do anyway?? I'll have plenty of time to blog.

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  1. Looks great Jana!

    Don't worry, you will be plenty busy!