Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Pink Fig Patchwork Skirt

A couple months ago, I bought this pattern.
Adorable right? But does it look like it's gathered between the layers?? I didn't think so, but it is. I hate gathering. It drives me nuts. It slows me down.
But here's a little trick I was taught by an expert seamstress.
Turn your tension up as high as it will go. Stitch length, 4. Then run a stitch through the layer to gather the fabric. (Make sure you use some high quality fabric otherwise your thread could break as you pull to create the gathers. Then match up the layers. Still not my favorite thing to do and I was by no means perfect at it, but it did the trick.

Again, pictures of the finished product. Unedited, from my phone, with two extra little cuties in the pictures and some princess sneakers to add to the awesomeness of the photo quality.

Check out that pose!
I just used fabrics I had on hand. Some michael miller, heather bailey, amy butler...a designer assortment.

My daughter is in desperate need of more skirts. She won't wear anything else. She wears the same shirt and skirt for two days in a row, round the clock before I have to hide them while she's bathing and force her to pick out something else to wear. Another pink shirt and another fabulous skirt.
I should try making the embellished shirt, too.

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  1. It looks cute. Have you tried shirred twirl skirts? They are super easy and cute too. I think I have a couple listed in my shop you could look at. I can tell you how if you want. I have made a ton of skirts for Summer because they are so easy and I like that.