Saturday, October 10, 2009

Check this out! My new favorite thing...

This is an awesome giveaway from a fellow etsian :) I love her stuff. She also made my announcements when my twins were born. Fabulous work!

I've been so busy lately with work and my etsy shop. You should check it out... there's lots of new stuff.

Also, some fabulous tutorials and great posts on modestmaven's blog. And I'm really hoping my friend Melissa will do a tutorial on this!

Stay tuned for a post on what I made for the twins 1st birthday this year. I can't believe they will be one year old in a few short days!!

Back to sewing one of these!


  1. beautiful your stuff! i found you via Jodell's blog. :)

  2. Janna! I LOVE my key chain. Thank you. You are much too kind to me. Boxtops! Keychains! Wow. I love and adore you!