Thursday, September 3, 2009

Toss 'N Play Ball Giveaway!!

Do you want to win one of these???

Here's the link to enter the giveaway!

I have been sewing. Just not as much. I will get some pictures of the things I've been working on posted soon. My latest project is a double shopping cart cover. It's almost done. I lost my seam ripper and haven't had time to go to the store to get another one. Unfortunately it's my most used sewing tool...well, not really, but I surely should have more than 1 of them. I think I'll buy two when I finally get time to go to a sewing store.


  1. Awww, I've been to a bunch of fabric stores, I would have bought you one. I read the link, what great promotion eh?

  2. Those are so cute!
    Btw, I will be writing a blog entry today about the bag I won on your giveaway! =D

  3. And here it is!

  4. I heart your Toss 'n' Plays!!