Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Double Shopping Cart Cover for Twins!

I'm long overdue for some blogging about my sewing. I don't sew as much since I went back to work teaching, BUT I still manage to sew...some.
Most recently I made a double shopping cart over. The twins are old enough to ride in the double shopping carts that they have at Randalls, Costco and Sam's Club...but they just looked so uncomfortable sitting on those hard, metal seats (my oldest looks equally concerned). Plus, I don't like having to adjust those little seatbelts that are way too high.

So I decided it was necessary to make them one of these...and don't they look so much happier.?!
I got the pattern from an etsy shop. I'm not sure if I would promote the pattern,because I didn't think it was very well done. It was a little confusing and didn't have pictures. Not for the novice seamstress. In fact, I strayed from the pattern because it just didn't have good instructions. It was cheap though, so I won't complain about it too much.
I do like the straps and buckles I put on and the little leg holes. Only thing I might do differently is add an extra layer of batting. It's still soft, but if it were me riding in that, I'd want it extra, extra soft and comfy.

I will not be listing any in my etsy shop, but I could make one for you if you convo me or email me. I think there's a link to my email on the righthand side of the blog.
Thanks for looking and happy sewing!


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  2. Your talents still astound me!