Saturday, September 19, 2009

Tabletop Ironing Pad

I made this little beauty about 6 weeks or so ago. When we moved in to my in-laws house....I didn't have room for a traditional ironing board. This one goes nicely on my sewing table (over my green cutting mat). I found the tutorial here. At one of my all time favorite websites. The ribbon is for rolling it up and tieing it.

It has actual ironing board fabric and insul brite inside.
The best thing is that when I iron it smells like my grandma's ironing board when someone would iron on it and I'm instantly wisked away to her laundry room in Cardston, Alberta between 1984ish and 2002. They say smells can jog a memory better than anything else and this certainly does. It moves me through time and space. I miss her.
I can't take credit for the whole thing, however. My lovely friend, Jodi, sewed the binding on for me during one or our craft days ( I think I was sewing a ball for my shop at the time).
My next project...making 30 Key Fob Wristlets. I like making them. I include them in orders over $35 in my shop, well, actually, I include one in almost any order :) I love getting free surprises and I hope my customers do too!


  1. That's such a nice ironing pad, I didn't think you could have those... nice!
    And getting something free with orders is always nice!! I'm sure your customers love it! ;)

  2. I have a table top ironing pad too, but nowhere near this pretty! How nice of you to include a gift with orders!

    Come see me!