Sunday, June 28, 2009

Summer Project #7 1st Birthday Bibs for the Twins

A fast project. Took me less than an hour. My husband took some precious time out of studying for the Texas bar exam to draw the "1" for me. I used heat-and-bond to secure the number to the bib and then used a zigzag stitch to applique the number on the bib (I like the look of it that way). Then I sewed the cotton print fabric to soft, white chenille.
They turned out really cute. My twins are only 8 months old...but you can never be too prepared for birthdays. I love these bibs because they are a really nice size (approximately 10x10 for the actual bib part). Complete coverage for those cute outfits I plan to make for my little bundles of joy. So, do you think these bibs are gender neutral or are they too girly for boys to wear??? Just asking.


  1. Those are so cute!!
    I think they're perfectly gender neutral, and boys like their cupcakes too!

  2. I say gender neutral...and very cute!

  3. if i was a boy, i would wear one. (smiles) ... adorable! and so cool - i was thinking about the next order i make asking for bibs in a larger size, so it is good to know you have the "power" to do so ... nice work!

  4. These are adorable - I have friends having twin boys in October or November & I would totally give them these as a gift! I have a new baby boy & I would use one of these in his big day - very gender neutral.