Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Summer Project #1

School ended last Friday. I have a zillion + 1 sewing projects that I want to work on over the summer. I have 60-90 minutes/day to work on said projects.

Here's #1. Took two days to complete.

I've looked everywhere for a toddler sized backpack for my 2 1/2 year old. Then I found this great blog with a link to this fabulous pattern.

It was rather inexpensive to make.

I needed some fabric $2, interfacing <$1, some twill I had laying around, two strap adjusters $1.20, piping $1.50, zipper $0.15 (I bought a huge lot on ebay), small piece of fleece that I had already. So, for less than $6 I made this fabulous backpack for my sweet little girl. I think it would make a cute gift to give to her little friends for birthdays. They aren't difficult to make. Just follow the pattern. I can always follow a pattern.

The proud backpack wearer. She's checking out my stitching on the straps...I know she is.

My pre-summer sewing activity was to make this skirt. It was a free pattern and I couldn't resist. It is the cutest skirt EVER and so comfortable for summer! I want to buy some more knit in black and make another one. It took me less than an hour to cut it out and sew it together. The next one I do will probably take less than 30 minutes. Super easy. I love my serger. I love summer.


  1. I love that backpack. You are very talented. I'm proud of you.

  2. I just saw your 3D ball over Etsy and LOVED it! I've never seen such a cute ball! So, I found your blog and am amazed at the cute little things you make. I'm inspired to make a backpack now!