Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Summer Project #2 Car Seat Strap Covers

I say it's summer project #2, but I have some other projects on the go...this is just the 2nd one I've completed.

I made car seat strap covers. I've wanted to make these for awhile now to protect those kissable little necks from those not so soft straps.

If you decide to make some yourself...please watch this tutorial first. Unfortunately for me, I watched the tutorial after I made the seat straps. I guess that explains why I've had a hard time applying bias tape...It really isn't a difficult thing.

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  1. Wow, you are talented! I can't even sew a button on a pair of pants!! Those are so you have an Etsy store? I bet those would sell quickly!! Also, love the toddler backpacks! I always have a difficult time finding smaller sized backpacks for my kids.

    I saw your comment on MoM's and thought I'd stop by and say hello!