Monday, May 11, 2009

My Mother's Day Gift...To Myself

My husband had his very last law school exam Saturday. Needless to say we are broke and there's no extra moola for gifts (fabric,, no). So for a mother's day gift to me, he gave me time (precious time) to make this rad apron. With teaching part-time, 6 month old twins, a two-year old, an etsy is nearly impossible to find time to sew unless I sacrifice my already limited sleep.

My friend Jodi can whip one up in 45 minutes (seriously, she's done it). I used her pattern, but changed it a little. I only had a little bit of fabric to work with since I still had to have enough to finish making this gift set and then have enough to make my apron. I didn't add a ruffle. (I'm not a really ruffly kind of gal anyway) and I closed the bottom with bias tape (that I made myself). The straps are shorter than I would have liked (not enough fabric). I also made it full length. Right now I'm feeding my twins 1 meal a day and it is messy!! I don't have time to be changing my clothes during the day or washing them for that matter, so I'm hoping my apron will cut down on the already abundant amount of laundry. FYI: The Amy Butler Lotus line is out of print. Good thing I recently ordered more. It's my fav.
I also made one for my mother-in-law for mother's day. She loved it.


  1. That soooooo you! I love that fabric combo. So sad that it's going out of print. I always forget to wear my apron when I cook. Plus, I think it's too pretty to get dirty :) Seriously, it's nicer than the grubby clothes I'm usually wearing... I need to get over that!

  2. I love your apron.The fabric combination is perfect.